About 320 miles northwest of New York City, you’ll find the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River and home of singer/songwriter Peter Purcell. It’s this kind of isolated natural beauty that tends to breed some of the most curious explorers of human connection.

“I’m trying to make songs that move people. Songs you hear and think, “how did he just describe the way I feel?” Peter says.

Peter Purcell is a singular modern talent. He is a relentlessly hard worker and a damn good songwriter. An old head on young shoulders, he is a true soul singer chasing that "give me chills moment," while simultaneously flaunting the contemporary lyrical cleverness of a hip-hop artist. With his velvety voice, his music is grounded by melodic truth, raw emotion, and a conscious message of love.

Peter cites Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz as some of his influences. “I listened to Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Eminem almost every night before I went to sleep as a kid. I would just get lost in the colors of the music and the meanings of the lyrics. I remember listening to John Lennon one time and having this epiphany moment where I was like, “he just described exactly how I feel, and gave me the words to make sense of it. I want to give that same gift to people.””

When Peter was 14 years old he picked up his dad’s old guitar and soon began humming melodies and writing lyrics. Before long, this pastime turned into a daily songwriting habit that has blossomed into his life’s art.

Peter attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he worked with local producers to develop his songwriting. Heavily influenced by his college sweetheart, his music became intensely personal and passionate. On the flip side of his sensitivity, its safe to say Peter is an adrenaline junkie. While living in Colorado he snowboarded competitively, rock climbed all over the Rocky Mountains, and summited as many mountains as he could.

Not wanting a traditional life, Peter became interested in entrepreneurship and threw himself at several entrepreneurial endeavors. He traveled to Southeast Asia for surf trips, Argentina to study, Europe to explore, and Haiti to help with disaster relief. He went to New York City for what was supposed to be a weekend trip and ended up staying for five months. His adventures in New York gave him the courage to pursue his dream of a career in music. He returned to LA with a fresh perspective and got to work.

Peter has been developing himself as a singer and player, giving multiple live performances almost every day and night at small venues and events in the LA scene. His travels have given him the opportunity to perform through out California, New York, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Bali, and Costa Rica. He is receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction to his music and quickly gaining a loyal fan base. He is currently working on his debut E.P.


Peter is also working on a charity music project called WE BELIEVE IN LOVE. Check it out :)